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Far Bank Enterprises Deepens Relationship With Fairpoint Outdoors

May 3rd, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – Fly fishing industry leader,
Far Bank Enterprises announces the transition of their Scandinavian distribution to Denmark based, Fairpoint Outdoors. The new association will become effective on August 1, 2013 and will include the distribution of all three Far Bank brands: RIO Products, Sage and Redington. Fairpoint has been handling the distribution of RIO Products for many years.  The addition of the Sage and Redington brands to their mix will consolidate distribution efforts and streamline Far Bank’s ability to bring its products to market in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Far Bank’s longtime distributor, Traun River/Rudi Heger will continue to handle Scandinavian distribution for Sage and Redington until July 31st. After that date, Traun River will continue to be the exclusive distributor for all three Far Bank brands in Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

“For the past 15 years, Rudi Heger (Traun River) has done an excellent job of establishing a strong foothold for our brands in Scandinavia,” comments Travis Campbell, Far Bank’s President and CEO. “Our enduring distribution relationship with Rudi continues to be crucial for our growth and success in Central Europe. With Fairpoint being based in Demark, their core focus is strictly on Scandinavia. This transition is about being better able to expose the Far Bank brands to a growing Scandinavian market while at the same time bringing even more momentum to key continental markets.”

Fairpoint Outdoors strengthening position in Scandinavian Fly Fishing marked
May 3rd, 2013 (Allerød, Denmark) ­– As a market leading manufacturer and distributor in Scandinavia Fairpoint Outdoors A/S is proud to be representing Sage and Redington in the Scandinavian countries from August 1st. For several years Fairpoint Outdoors A/S has been representing RIO Products. Adding Sage and Redington to the portfolio is a dream scenario.

“The sales potential and synergy of these three brands from Far Banks Enterprises is obvious,” says Fairpoints Product Manager Thomas Sanotra. “It’s almost needless to say that Sage is the World’s leading brand on fly rods and reels. There’s a huge potential in Scandinavia and several of the new products to be introduced for the 2013-14 season will fit perfectly into the Scandinavian market”.

“As for Redington the brand is known but still not established in Scandinavia, says Thomas. “In North America, Redington is one of the fastest growing mid- to high end fly fishing brands and, just to mention a few item groups, Redingon is offering excellent fly combos and top notch waders. We are thrilled to be representing the brand on behalf of Far Banks and convinced that the same development will find place in Scandinavia,” says Thomas.

To focus on fly fishing sales in Scandinavia, Fairpoint Outdoors has signed up with a new Sales Representative, Henrik Kassow Andersen. Henrik is well established in the business as well as being a known fly fishing profile. Besides more than 30 years of fly fishing experience and guiding for salmon and trout all over the world, Henrik has also been working with fly fishing sales for almost just as long and comes from a job as International Sales Manager for Zpey System.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a great synergy between brands like Sage, RIO Products and Redington, and that we now have the ultimate sales set-up,” says Sales Manager Thorbjørn Galtt-Møller from Fairpoint Outdoors. “I’ve worked with Henrik before and besides being one of the most skilled fly fishers I know, he’s a highly talented sales representative with a great understanding of his costumers business. He will be presenting a unique package of leading fly fishing products to our Scandinavian customers. It will be a pleasure working with Sage and Redington and having Henrik on the team.”

About Far Bank Enterprises:
In 2005, Far Bank Enterprises was created to serve as the holding company for three businesses at the forefront of the fly fishing market; Sage Manufacturing, Redington and RIO Products International. Sage is recognized as the world leader in high-end performance fly rods, reels and accessories. Redington is a leading supplier of value-driven fly-fishing tackle and apparel. RIO manufactures and distributes industry leading fly lines, leaders and tippet material.

From 1st of August this year, Fairpoint Outdoors A/S will distribute all three of Far Bank Enterprise’s brands: RIO Products, Sage and Redington in Scandinavia. To strengthen the sales effort, Henrik Kassow Andersen is appointed as Scandinavian Sales Representative.

 They are big and they are hungry...

The biggest cod of the trip was caught by David Thormar 31.0 kg.    Johan Mikkelsen is presenting a 25 kg cod.

The new YouTube video starring Nordic Sea Angling guide Johan Mikkelsen and Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar is now online. The 18 minutes movie is produced by Johan Ruhe from and features spectacular scenery, boating action, amazing underwater footage and some really big migrator cods coming in from the Barents Sea.
The biggest cod caught during the trip was a 31.0 kilos fish caught on a Big Bob jig by David. It can be seen 10 minutes into the video.
Fairpoint outdoors hereby introduces a new series of fishing program. The programs and shows are to inspire those who are initiated but also to show beginners how and were to start the quest for the Monsters of the depth. 

This is Monster Hunt - In this episode we will follow Johan Mikkelsen (guide of Nordic Sea Angling) and David Thormar promotor and test angler for Fairpoint outdoors. The Skrei (Cod) are moving down from the mythical Barents Sea to spawn and hunt. They are big and they are hungry...

New movie coming: Monster Hunt - Barents Sea Skrei

Together with Johan Ruhe from Fairpoint Outdoors A/S will soon release a New YouTube movie called Monster Hunt - Barents Sea Skrei. The action-packed movie was shot at Nordic Sea Anglings camp at Sørøya in Norway only a couple of weeks ago and will be released April 18th at 8 PM CET.
For a fast sneak peak a trailer can be seen right now at Fairpoints YouTube Channel or at The movie follows Kinetic Test Team member David Thormar and Nordic Sea Angling guide Johan Mikkelsen on their quest for monster cod. Attached is a photo of David showing a 28 kilo cod – a true monster but not the biggest one caught during the trip… We suggest you watch the trailer and get ready for watching some rough sea fishing action once the full movie is online April 18th.
David Thormar holding a 28 kg cod caught on Big Bob. In the.
Its big, but not the biggest one caught while filming the new movie
Photo by Johan Mikkelsen,

RIO Dart

A Perfectly balanced fly line designed for Scandinavian conditions and both over- and underhand casting. The unique taper makes the line easy to lift from the water and perfect for underhand casts from “impossible” positions. The olive colored 9’ (2.7 m) non-spook tip will help you catch fish even in gin-clear water. This is a great line for delicate presentations with excellent precision. The Dart line comes with an AFTM classification marking printed on the tip for easy recognition.


• XS Technology
• Agent X Technology
• Orange/Yellow Load Zone

RIO Dart

A Perfectly balanced fly line designed for Scandinavian conditions and both over- and underhand casting. The unique taper makes the line easy to lift from the water and perfect for underhand casts from “impossible” positions. The short 9’ (2.7m) Sink 3 tip makes it a perfect line even in the smallest of streams when a deeper presentation is needed. This is a great line for delicate presentations with excellent precision.


• XS Technology
• Agent X Technology
• Orange/Yellow Load Zone


Fly Lines

Interview with product consultant Jörgen Larsson

For those of you understanding Swedish, this is an interview with product consultant Jörgen Larsson from the Swedish angling fair “Sportsfiskemässan” in Jönköping last weekend April 5th to April 7th. Jörgen is known as one of Scandinavia’s leading big fish anglers and has been involved in developing new techniques for targeting monster zanders in open water. Techniques that are spreading across Europe as one of the newest and hottest trends in predator fishing right now.
The interview was made by one of Scandinavia’s leading websites for sports fishing – 

Trolling for salmon

During Easter Thomas Petersen & Bjarne Nielsen from Kinetic were facing rough winds and ice cold weather when trolling for salmon near Bornholm in the Baltic Ocean. One of the lures used was a new prototype of Delfin Kulpkrokodill made for trolling by using a lighter and thinner 1 mm copper plate. At this time of year fishing can change from slow to full action within seconds and this was exactly what happened. Suddenly two reels were screaming at the same time. The double strike turned out to be two nice salmon weighing in at 9.5 and 9.3 kg.
The biggest took the new Delfin kulpkrokodill prototype.

D360° Put & Take inline lure

This inline lure is designed to catch more fish – and loose less! It will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away. Occasional spin stops will make it spin and rotate to attract even more trout’s. The 10g trout version is designed for put & take fishing as well as well as other types of trout lakes where the trout sometimes tend to be very shy. If necessary D360° can be fished at an extremely slow pace and still keep its vivid action. This will make a huge difference in catch rate on high pressure waters. The several front/back contrast colors is another feature that will make a great difference. When fishing for wild trout in alpine lakes this small D360° is worth a try. It will catch both numerous and huge trout’s.

Rigging tip: Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying the line to a single or treble hook of your choice. If you prefer a free swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the one-stranded part of the ring.

• Lead free construction
• Material: Zinc
• Several UV and FluoMax colors
• Several front/back contrast colors
• Inline concept – lose less fish!
• Designed and developed in  

33 kilos! – The first super-size cods are caught right now!

The huge migrating cods from the Barents Sea – so called skrei – have arrived near the Norwegian coastline. At Nordic Sea Anglings camp on Sørøya, the first guests arrived and spend the first week of March facing though conditions and very unpredictable weather. The biggest cod caught during the first week was 28 kg, but unfortunately the weather didn’t allow the guests to spend much time on the best spots.

Another remarkable catch during the first week was a 168 cm halibut caught while targeting the large Skrei. It’s actually the biggest halibut fish caught at the camp during the Skrei season.
During the second week of fishing, the weather has been better but still a bit unpredictable. Never the less the guests are able to fish and right now the monsters are being caught. A Sørøya super-size cod is above 30 kilo and the first one of the season was caught the 8th of March. It took the scale to 31 kilo. The day after the fishing was even better and in an area found 2-3 nautical miles from the camp 15 cods over twenty kilos were caught. The biggest was a super-size cod weighing 33 kilo. An impressive fish caught on the 730 gr Big Bob seafishing jig designed for this targeting this size of fish. The happy angler was Stefan Smith from Sweden. The day after another super-sizer was caught: 30.6 kilos!

As we talked to the guides at the camp. Erik Axner – one of the experienced NSA guides – had just caught a cod weighing 27 kg. As many other monsters this cod was also caught on a 730g Big Bob jig. Unless the weather makes fishing impossible, we will have more reports coming in soon.
All photos by courtesy of
If you have news on big fish caught using our tackle, lures or equipment. Don’t hesitate to send us a report and a picture:

Magic Minnow, Big Bob – 3 new colors

When it comes to catching monster cods no sea fishing lure does it better than the Big Bob jigs from Magic Minnow. This lure was introduced last year and soon became a favorite for specialist sea anglers targeting some of the biggest cods in the World. During the season it also proved to be a great for halibut fishing.
This year three new colors of the Big Bob are introduced just as the season for Skrei is starting. The three colors named Lively Clupea, Lively Pollac and Lively Melano are all realistic, fishlike colors that will work on days when the monsters are being a bit tricky.

Every year during late winter and early spring the so called “Skrei” – the big pelagic cods from the Barents Sea – gathers close to the coastline of northern Norway of to eat and spawn. The amount of fish is unbelievable and the biggest cods found here are the biggest cods found anywhere in the World. Big Bob is designed to play with these big boys as well as the biggest halibuts. No matter if you are out to set a new European cod record or out to catch a big “barren door”, you now have the choice of trying Big Bob in two sizes: Big Bob at 480 g and 30 cm or the really Big Bob at 730 g and 40 cm.
• 2 models: 480 g/30 cm – 730 g/40 cm
• Designed for huge cod
• Active eyes
• Durable painting
• Ultra sharp and strong sea fishing hook
• Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
• Great swimming-action
• 100+ Lbs PE braid assist hook rig included
• Heavy wire Japanese style saltwater treble
Big Bob jigs contains lead and are not sold in Denmark.

Delfin, Stikling

Many places in Norway sticklebacks are abundant in both fresh- and saltwater – and big trout’s love to feed on them. As the Norwegian name suggest, Stikling is made to mimic sticklebacks and other small baitfish. When designing this lure, Arnulf Hoff shaped a back that works a little like a keel. It keeps the lure in balance and ads to the teasing side-to-side movements that no fish can resist.
History of Delfin: Back in 1882 Arnulf Hoff created the first Delfin lures to be sold from his jeweler shop in Norway. As a jeweler and goldsmith he was always paying attention to details and his lures soon became a popular choice for anglers all over Scandinavia. The Delfin lures you buy today are based on the knowledge and craftsmanship of the man who created them so many years ago…

• Materials: Copper (Cu)
• Genuine silver plating (Ag) on some models
• Hook: Eagle Claw L374G Bronze #6 and 4
• Designed and Developed in Norway
Delfin Stikling is available in 10 g/58 mm, 16 g/75 mm and in 5 different colors
(Cu/Red, Ag/Red, Cu/Ag, Ag/Blue, Cu/Black)

Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept

Bring these rods wherever you go. The Edge Dynamic Gipsy Concept makes it easy to bring a quality fishing rod anywhere – and we really mean anywhere. These multi section rods are strong, reliable, sensitive and extremely packable. You don’t have to worry about airline restrictions, over packed cars or rod with transport lengths that are not suited for a rough mountain bike ride. Pack your Gipsy Concept rod down to a size easily fitted in a backpack and it will go where you go!
Edge Dynamic ML Spin - Gipsy Concept
The further you head into the wilderness, the handier and more enjoyable you will find your Gipsy Concept rod. This little compact multi length rod has a one foot part to be placed in front of the handle if a longer rod is needed i.e. for long distance casting. It’s a perfect rod for various types of fishing including all types of trout fishing. The 8’/9’ version has a perfect feel and action you would only expect from a one-piece rod and it’s all fitted into a compact transport size of 210 g and only 54 cm (less than two feet)!
• Reel Seat: Fuji® IPS
• Guides: SeaGuide OS-SS
• Blank: ’TORAY’ High Performance Carbon for superior
  action and casting
• Premium grade cork handle
• Reinforced with 90° Carbon and 3K Woven Carbon
• Genuine spigot joint with red epoxy
• Delivered in rod tube
Edge Dynamic ML Spin Gipsy Concept has an optional length of 8 or 9 feet, 6 sections and a casting weight of 7-30 g.

Westin TwinTeez

This split tail body is ideal for vertical fishing. It has the perfect softness and movement to tease any old zander and to react on even the slightest twitch of a rodtip. The pre-shaped front makes it easy to fit onto a Westin RoundUp or ThouchDown jig head. Westin TwinTeez has an interior, horizontal chamber to hold one of the glass/stainless steel rattle-sticks included in the package. Compared to ordinary rattle-sticks the glass rattles maximizes the rattle acoustics.
• Forked twin-tail
• Optimized flexibility
• Interior chamber for rattle stick
• Pre-shaped front to fit jig heads
 (Westin  RoundUp/Touchdown)
• Two rattle-sticks included
• Glass/steel rattles for best acoustics

Westin TwinTeez comes in two sizes: 6”/15.3cm (5-pack) and a big 8”/20.4cm (4-pack) version for targeting huge midwater zanders. They are available in 18 different colors - including some color combinations never seen before.

Great Heron

One of Scandinavias most popular trout lures is now available in 6 new, great colors that will work in almost any situation from low light and dirty water to bright sunshine.
Great Heron is a lure designed according to Finnish lure traditions. It was created and tested in cooperation with experienced anglers from Finland and Sweden. Right from the very beginning it has proved to be a highly efficient lure – not only for trout and salmon, but also for species like asp, perch and pike. Great Heron can be retrieved fast or slow. Regardless of the speed it has a very vivid action that will trigger the bite. No wonder this lure has become one of the most popular lures in Scandinavia!
• Lead free construction
• Material: ABS plastic / Zinc
• Hook: VMC 9649 BN
• Hook size:#6 / #5 / #4
• Stay On – double split ring hook mount
• Designed and developed in Scandinavia
Available in 13 g/55 mm, 18 g/77 mm and 22 g/83 mm 
New Colors: Colors from left to right: Copper Age, Rotten Lemon, Brown Pixel, Kinky Pinky, Yellow Snow, GFR

As the snowflakes drops outside the window here in Scandinavia, one might conclude that testing new tackle is a freezing, cold experience. Well, let’s get it straight: We don’t feel a bit sorry for Kinetic Test Team member Frederik Hansen, who was test fishing a new design on a edge rod last week…
Our lack of empathy is based on the fact that he was test fishing a prototype of a new Edge speedjigging rod, while enjoying his holyday somewhere at the Caribbean coastline in Mexico. The rod proved to perform really well as Fredrik tested it on a 12 kg barracuda and a 17 kg amberjack. Another interesting thing about the catch is the fact that the barracuda took one of the new Crazy Daisy jigs from Magic Minnow. The color of the jig was a “action sample” color we use when tank testing prototypes. This color will not be part of the final production, but at least we now have proof that it works in really big test tank - the Caribbean Ocean.

Ice fishing for rainbows

After several days of below zero temperatures Kinetic Test Team member Henrik Carl headed for a small Danish trout lake named Poppelsøen. Together with the owner of the lake, Henrik was testing and measuring the thickness of the ice in large parts of the lake. And of course Henrik used the opportunity to try a bit of ice fishing. It didn’t take him long to hook into a large, powerful rainbow trout. On the light ice fishing tackle Henrik was using, this fish put up quite a fight. It took around 15 minutes before Henrik could pose with a 5 kilo rainbow.

Even though the ice thickness is growing fast and the fish are there, the conclusion of the trip was, that it will take more days with subzero temperatures before ice fishing is allowed on the lake.

A part of the lake has been held open with powerful circulation pumps and will have to gain a secure thickness before ice
fishing is allowed!

Test team member Henrik Carl has a lot of ice fishing routine. Whenever ice conditions are safe
you can find him on the Danish lakes.

Big Dutch zanders in mid water

Vertical jigging for huge zanders in mid water is a method that has revolutionized zanderfishing in Sweden. In numbers traditional vertical jigging near – and on ­– the bottom can be just as productive, but once the zanders are pinpointed and targeted in mid water the average size is remarkably bigger.

Besides testing new tackle one of the main purposes, when Westin consultants Luc Coppens and Jörgens Larsson meet up for four days of fishing in Holland, was to test the Swedish methods in Dutch waters.

Due to a passing storm the first two days became more like one day of fishing in a larger river. The river is known for having short periods every year when large zanders are caught by traditional vertical jigging close to bottom structures. In total Luc and Jörgen caught around 30 zanders but the big ones didn’t cooperate and the sizes was from one kg to around three kg / 65 cm. The new 6” / 15.3 cm Westin TwinTeez mounted on 20 g Westin RoundUp jigheads worked really well in several different colors including Striped Lime, Striped Emergency, Slime, Baitfish and Old Gold.

For the remaining two days Luc and Jörgen were fishing a large lake, trying to find bigger zanders with pelagic hunting habits in mid water. They found the zanders hunting in the top part of the water column at 3 to 10 meters in areas that were 20-30 meters deep. Huge 8” / 20.4 cm Westin TwinTeez mounted on a 30 g Westin RoundUp jighead proved deadly. Several colors caught fish, but most of the takes were cautious until testing the Confused Tomato color and including one of the glass rattles found in the package. When using this combination the zanders got turned on and the bites were really aggressive. In total Luc and Jörgen caught 13 zanders in mid water. The size of them was impressive. Ten fish were above 74 cm and the biggest measured 89 cm and 7.02 kg.

Testing the method in Luc Coppens home waters was an eye opening experience. According to him the average size of the zanders made it some of the best quality-fishing he had experienced in these waters during the last ten years!

Another famous predator consultant joins Fairpoint Outdoors A/S

Luc Coppens is known as one of the most skilled predator anglers in Europe.
He will now join Fairpoint Outdoors A/S as a consultant. “Our strategy for the
Westin lures and Edge rods is to become the absolute leading brands in
predator fishing.
The agreement with Luc is an important part of this strategy”,
says Fairpoints product manager Thomas Sanotra.
Luc Coppens lives in Belgium within casting distance from Holland and has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled predator anglers in this region – not only through catches and stories in magazines but also when it comes to competition.

Luc Coppens flanked by marketing manager Thomas Petersen (left)
and product manager Thomas Sanotra (Right)

Three years in a row he won the Belgium Predator Championship with catches including a Belgium record pike measuring 133.6 cm. An even harder competition is the NKS zander competition in Holland. The level of this competition is the closest European fishing competitions get to the level found in large US bass competitions. During eight different zander competitions or heats anglers have to qualify for the final. Luc has been fishing the competition for seven years and his career includes numerous heat victories and in total he has won the yearly final three times!
As Luc explains there is no room for mistakes in these competitions. It is a matter of optimizing every detail and using the best tackle.

Luc Coppens – one of Europe’s leading predator experts – releasing a 108 cm pike.
As a new consultant for Fairpoint Outdoors A/S he will help develop the Westin and Edge brands.

“The competitive element in Luc’s fishing career gives him an unsurpassed ability to point out important details and to help develop tackle that will catch more fish. Besides this he is a great personality that a lot of anglers trust and admire. Making the best products and being extremely visible to consumers are important to us, and Luc can help us with both,” says Thomas Sanotra from Fairpoint.

The Dutch NKS zander competition is the toughest fishing competition in Europe. The new Fairpoint consultant Luc Coppens has won the competition final three times during the last seven years. Here he is presenting a beautiful 93 cm zander.

Luc himself is thrilled about the agreement:
“I’m happy to be working with Fairpoint Outdoors on developing their predator brands and I’m confident that they will use my ideas and experience to produce the most innovative products that will be outstanding in quality and used by demanding anglers all over Europe.”
47 year old Luc Coppens already has a lot of experience from the tackle trade business. Currently he works as sales representative selling carp fishing tackle for Nash tackle. He will continue this job along with the predator consultant agreement with Fairpoint Outdoors. Fairpoint Outdoors recently announced an agreement with Scandinavian top predator angler Jörgen Larsson. “Jörgen and Luc are close friends,” says Thomas Sanotra from Fairpoint. “The synergy created by having both as consultants will be a great asset to the company. This way we will be more than a step ahead when it comes to the latest predator trends in Scandinavia and Europe.”

Excellent perch fishing on new Westin jigs news 2013


Peter Kirkby perch 1250 g 42 cm Westin RoundUp. Peter Rasmussen perch 1375 g 45 cm Westin PaddleTeez!

On a couple of boat sessions Peter Kirkby from Kinetic and his friends had some excellent perch fishing, while testing Edge rods and Westin jigs. Several perch over one kilo were caught and the two biggest both balanced the scale at 1375 g. The length measures were 43 and 45 cm.

During the latest trip a Westin PaddleTeez in Confused Tomato color accounted for the 45 cm fish while vertical jigging. Also the new Westin TwinTeez proved to be deadly when shortened down and fished on a drop shot rig.

Visit Westin for more information on Westin RoundUp and Westin Paddle Teez   News 2013

Crazy Daisy - New 2013

Watch how the new Crazy Daisy jig gets attacked under water and enjoy the presentation of this new seafishing jig.
Magic Minnow Crazy Daisy was developed according to input from Nordic Sea Angling.

From the very beginning this jig was intended to have a maximized movement and swimming pattern when fished at slow speed. When jigging for halibut and huge cods this will give any sea angler a great advantage and far better odds of succeeding when the big fishes are tricky and hard to tease. A PE braid assist hook rig and two different bodies are included. The curltail is used for a smooth, wormlike swimming action _ even at the slowest speed -- and the paddletail gives a wounded-panicking-fish-action that is extremely appealing to big predators. On our first prototypes the body shape and profile was based on the look of juvenile saithe (Pollachius virens) -- a common food source for big fish along the coast of Norway.  Still our purpose was to improve the movement and test and find every possible change in shape, size and weight distribution that would aid in this. We believe we succeeded and so does the experienced guides from Nordic Sea Angling who assisted us in testing it on some really big fish...

Features: Active eyes  -  Durable painting  -  Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hooks
Excellent depth control  -  Two different style bodies included  -  Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
100+ Lbs PE braid assist hook rig included.

Jätte TeezTail - New 2013

This is a presentation of the full 2013 color range on the new Westin Jätte TeezTail and some of the fish caught while testing this lure.

Tailbait or crankbait? Jätte TeezTail is a little bit of both and a lot more versatile than most other lures.
At the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFTTEX) in Paris, June 2012 it took part in the EFTTEX Best new products award 2012. In total 21 different lures were entered in the "hard lure" category and we are proud to announce that Westin Jätte TeezTail was elected for a "Commended by the Judges" prize. 
With two different tails and several rigging options Westin Jätte TeezTail always makes it possible to find the trick of the day. Use the paddle tail for an intensive, irregular swimming action or the curltail for a more regular "Westin roll" and side-to-side swimming action. The curltail can even be turned up-side-down if a more moderate swimming action is needed.

• Lead Free Construction
• Japanese style carbon steel hooks
• Floating - running depth: 1-3 m
• Interchangeable tail mount system
• Curl- and paddletails included
• Extra sticks included

This lure was introduced at the show and will be available in tackle shops during 2013. It measures 29 g and 140 mm and is expected in 8 different colors. Each lure is sold in a package including two spare paddletails and two spare curltails as well as extra sticks for tail attachment.

Product manager Thomas Sanotra shows a nice pike caught during test fishing of TeezTail ...

Slim Jim - New 2013

This video includes a remarkable underwater attack scene showing how a halibut attacks the lure. This part of the footage took place at the Nordic Sea Angling camp at Nappstraumen, Lofoten, Norway.

Unique is the best word to describe the swimming action of this Magic Minnow Slim Jim sea fishing jig. It has the shape of a sandeel and it almost becomes alive as soon as it enters the water. It can be used at ultra-slow speed, extreme high-speed or anything in between. A PE braid assist hook rig and two different bodies are included. The curltail is used for a smooth, wormlike swimming action and the paddletail gives a wounded-panicking-fish-action that is extremely appealing to big predators.
Due to the shape Slim Jim dives fast to the bottom and offers excellent depth control as well as a perfect balance. The lighter sizes are perfect for casting and light tackle fishing for monster seabass, cod and other species, while the heavier Slim Jims are the perfect prey for fast swimming saithe or big halibuts.

Features: Active eyes  -  Durable painting  -  Ultra sharp and strong Japanese style sea fishing hooks
Excellent depth control  -  Two different style bodies included  -  Attachment wire-eye for additional stinger hooks
PE braid assist hook rig included

Scandinavia’s leading big fish expert signs up with Fairpoint Outdoors
Jörgen Larsson flanked by Thomas Sanotra, product manager at Fairpoint Outddors (left) and Thomas Eldor Petersen, marketing director (right).

Fairpoint Outdoors A/S has signed a consultant agreement with Jörgen Larsson ­– best described as the leading big fish expert in Scandinavia. For the latest 8 years Jörgen, who lives in Perstorp, Sweden, has been working as Editor in Chief of the Scandinavian fishing magazine Fiske-Feber, but a recent decision to start working as a freelance writer, photographer and consultant led to the cooperation with Fairpoint Outdoors. Product manager at Fairpoint, Thomas Sanotra explains: “When working with new products we sometimes ask for input from media partners, magazines and of course our own consultant and test team, Back in 2011, when we initially stated working on an Edge rod for vertical jigging, one of the obvious people to ask was Jörgen. At the time he wasn’t working as a consultant, but he came up with ideas and input that we believe made the Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging the very best rod for this type of fishing. When Jörgen decided to work freelance there was no doubt that this was a great chance to make a consultant deal that will lift our products to an even higher level.”

It all started with input on the Edge Vertical Jigging rod. The Edge predator premium rods and the Westin lures are two of the Fairpoint brands that will benefit from the consultant agreement with Jörgen Larsson.

As an angler Jörgen has been a leading profile in Scandinavia during the last three decades, and he has caught almost anything big with scales and fins. In his younger years Jörgen played an important part of introducing modern coarse- and carp fishing in Scandinavia. He was amongst the first anglers to go trolling and to target big salmon in the Baltic Ocean and while sea angling in Norway he has done several record breaking catches. He has been working with video, television and magazines for many years and has been writing stories from all parts of the globe. This includes stories on monster sturgeon in Canada and massive Nile perch in Lake Nasser to mention a few.
Today Jörgen is still as eager and passionate about angling and fishing tackle as he was when it all started many years ago. If Jörgen has to point out one type of fishing he’s particular passionate about it will be modern predator fishing for perch, pike and zander. He has been a leading character in introducing and developing vertical jigging in Scandinavia. Particularly in Sweden this method has caused a big change in the way angler’s fish and the tackle they buy.
At first vertical jigging in Sweden was highly influenced by methods and tackle from other parts of Europe, but actually new trends and techniques for targeting the biggest zanders has evolved so fast in Sweden, that these methods will soon have a high impact on the European predator scene.
“In this context our agreement with Jörgen Larsson couldn’t have come at a better time,” says product manager Thomas Sanotra. “Jörgen is a great capacity and will assist us in being one step ahead when it comes to the latest trends in predator fishing. Our Westin predator lures and our Edge premium rods are two of the brands that Jörgen will help develop, but with his expertise into almost every kind of sport fishing it doesn’t necessarily stop with these two brands …”

Predator and big fish specialist Jörgen Larsson presenting a fabulous Swedish zander measuring 101 cm and 11.82 kg. It was caught using the Edge 3776 Vertical Jigging rod that was designed and developed according to input from Jörgen.

To Jörgen Larsson planning and perfecting tackle and equipment has always been an important part of targeting the biggest specimens. This makes him and Fairpoint Outdoors a perfect match. He explains:
“I’m really excited about the agreement with Fairpoint Outdoors. Fairpoint is a fast expanding company working hard and putting a lot of effort into constantly perfecting and developing their range of high quality sports fishing products in various segments. Especially when it comes to predator fishing, my experience, combined with their skills in design and product development ensures that we can produce a range of exciting products to fit both the Scandinavian and European market.”